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Tradition Window Cleaning Services

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Bomb Blast Curtains & Anti-Shatter Film

Since 1982 We have been supplying Bomb Blast curtains and Bomb Blast curtain cleaning services to both public sector and private sector clients in London and across the world

How Bomb Blast Net Curtains works

The bomb blast net curtain is designed to billow and contain the splinters of shattered glass, the fabric ‘spinnakers' out and catches the flying glass, depositing them safely to the trough and preventing them from flying lethally around the room.


Bomb Blast Curtains (BBC) are normally of 90 or 100 denier warp knitted polyester terylene curtain material with a bursting strength of 500kN/m. The bomb blast curtains are made twice the width and one and a half times the length of the window.

Bomb Blast Curtains should cover the width of the window without a break and where possible, the bomb blast curtain should hang freely below the sill. Where this is not possible, the excess length of curtain should be folded concertina fashion and placed in shallow (6 inches) troughs at sill level.

The bottom hem/tube of the bomb blast curtain incorporates weights at a rate of 400 grammes per metre.

Bomb blast net curtains should be installed 50 to 100mm from the glass. This closeness is preferred, if the curtains are further away, detached shards of glass may have the opportunity to twist and cut through the net and blast waves passing round the glass may cause the bomb blast net curtains to billow away ahead of the glass resulting in it not being effectively caught.

However,since filmed glass loses velocity quite rapidly after the first few hundred millimetres, it is acceptable for the Bomb Blast Curtains to be positioned further back if necessary.

Bomb Blast Curtains should not be used without Anti-Shatter Film (ASF) being applied to the windows.

BBNC is essential when windows are fitted into wooden frames to prevent large ‘splinters’ detaching.

Bomb Blast Anti-Shatter Film

The use of polyester film 175 microns thick (including adhesive layers of multi-ply) or film with equivalent properties would be used. 100 micron film for panes over 6 square metres area, or over 8mm thick or for ground floor windows of over 3 square metres would be recommended. If BBC are not in use 300micron filming would be used.

Anti-Shatter Film cannot be applied to the patterned side of frosted, figured or reeded glass.

With double glazed windows consisting of two separate frames, in which the inner frame can be opened independently of the other, treat both panes.

If the inner pane cannot be opened independently, or a "sealed unit" is fitted, applying film to the inner panel is sufficient. Sometimes inner frames are only lightly fitted; if so, they should be fully secured.

Modern buildings make much greater use of glass than older buildings, which means that most bomb casualties nowadays are caused by flying glass.