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Tradition Window Cleaning Services

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Specialist Window Cleaners for London - Est. 1982

Covent Garden Window Cleaners

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window cleaning services

since 1982


We have been serving Covent Garden since 1982 and provide all of our commercial window cleaning services in this area of London.

We cover all areas of Covent Garden and provide all of our normal services including Covent Garden Window Cleaning and Covent Garden Office Cleaning.

Covent Garden is a mostly Commercial area in Central London and hosts a wide range of offices, Shops, Markets and large private residences. Windows are among the important parts of any building structure. They make it feasible for dwellers to access the outside environment from inside. They also enable free flow of clean air from outside into the house thereby facilitating proper aeration. They have to be preserved by having them cleaned by Tradition's Covent Garden Window Cleaners Call 020 7231 5888 now for a free quotation

Casements are left unclean most times because visitors do not see them. Almost all day they are hidden behind the curtains. Typical home owners often take care of those areas of the house which are noticeably dirty, thereby neglecting windows to be covered with dirt overtime.

The air which is inhaled in a home is in danger of being polluted if windows are not washed regularly. The dirt that gathers on their surfaces could combine with the air which flows through them. If inhaled in this state, the occupants could contract respiratory tract infections. Therefore, windows must always be cleaned in order to avoid such ailments from developing.

Cleaning of windows also helps to elongate their valuable years. Every physical item gets affected by wear and tear. Dust is a major factor which promotes depreciation, thus keeping windows dirt free will help to reduce its effect.

Washing of casements must be correctly done so as not to reduce their sparkle. If washing agents that are made with harsh chemical are used to clean them, the end result may be defacement and dullness. Hence it is proper to first of all find out the stuff that is used to produce the windows plus the most suitable agents to use in washing them.

A valuable tip for using window cleaners is to apply gentle ones on fragile casements such as vinyl and those that are colored. Such windows need washing liquids which will not reduce their shine or damage their tint. For those with tougher texture such as glass, ammonia-based agents could be used to wash them. All windows must however be handled with care to avoid breakage.