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Tradition Window Cleaning Services

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             Reach & Wash Method

At Tradition we use a state of the art IONIC Swift Reach & Wash System on all of our specialised window cleaning LPG vehicles.

The IONIC Swift water fed pole allows us to clean hard to reach windows up to 80ft high easily and safely from the ground.

For many 'Old School' window cleaners, Reach & Wash London window cleaning is a phrase that brings to mind poor quality results and generally being the easy but ineffective method for amateurs!

However the reality is very different! The Reach & Wash method is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of both the professional London window cleaner and the client who at a time when Health and Safety is becoming evermore stringent is often keen to choose the method that minimises risks when carrying out window cleaning.

Developments in waterfed pole and filtration techniques mean that the quality level being achieved by Reach & Wash window cleaning systems is better than ever before.

General Explanation of Reach & Wash

The basic idea of reach and wash window cleaning is the use of an extending pole ( normally consisting wholly or partially of carbon fibre ) that consists of several telescopic extendable sections which allows the user to reach windows as high as 80ft

The pole is topped by a high quality brush head approx 18 - 24 inches across which has two water jets built-in supplied by a hose that runs inside the length of the pole and is connected to variously a vehicle mounted water tank, a portable water tank or in primarily residential cases a mains water supply ( ideally used with a Resin Filter to help purify the water - more on this later )

The water is pumped through the hose and up the pole and come out through the water jets in the brush head under pressure.

The basic method of reach and wash window cleaning is to rest the brush against the desired window and with the water shooting out use the brush to agitate the dirt on the windows using the brushes bristles to loosen the dirt and the constant water stream to wash the dirt away. as a rough guide 30 - 60 seconds is generally sufficient for a single window depending on its size.

Reach and Wash window cleaning work is generally carried out starting at the top of a building and working down to ovoid messing up already cleaned windows with dirt being rinsed of from above.

Ideally the area of a building being worked on should be barriered off to prevent people getting wet but in general this method is far safer and often far more cost effective and than working from height such as using Eyebolts, Abseiling, or Powered Access.

Water Filtration

To achieve the best quality with Reach and Wash the water needs to be as pure as possible, Water in the Uk is full of minerals and deposits which when left on a window will leave Calcium deposits, streaks and smeers all over the glass often leaving the window looking as bad as before!

The way to prevent this is by using filtration systems that when used correctly remove these impurities from the water which allows the windows to dry streak free and as good as possible easily providing a quality of clean as good as using a squeegee but with far less complications when working at height. Filtration techniques will be discussed in the next article.

Summing up

Reach & wash is an effective, efficient and safe method of cleaning windows that all London window cleaning companies should seriously consider investing in as it rapidly pays for itself.

We use R.O ( Reverse Osmosis ) filtered water that removes all the impurities from the water leaving your windows sparkling clean!

The rigidity of the pole combined with its extreme lightness allows us to clean window just as effectively in much quicker than other companys who use older makes of poles.

Of course this allows us to pass the cost savings on to you!

Try us to see the difference our equipment makes to your office window cleaning requirements now.

Call 0207 231 5888 to arrange Tradition office window cleaning teams in your area to give you a quote.